You are you today. But who could you be tomorrow? Find out with a taste of inspiration offered at Future You Café.

At Future You Café, we are all about investing in the Future You. Who? You! As our name suggests, Future You is premised on a simple yet profound idea: that with positive actions in the present, we improve our future selves. From a hot cup of coffee to perk yourself up or to a delicious dose of inspiration that might feed your creativity for the day - the café invites you to set an intention for your better self each and every day.   The café’s exceptional coffee, incredible food and unique positive vibe all welcome you to experience the full possibilities of your present and future self.


Inspired by the vibrant and energetic cafés of Mexico, where the owner hails from, Future You Café offers some of the unique tastes and flavors of that region that add both a distinct flair and spice to our menu. From Mexican staple classics like Jalapeño Tamales,  a bundle of corn heaven to the ceremonial Café de Olla, a sweet rich coffee sensation, our café provides a rich environment with a flavored twist.  Our menu has also been curated with offerings for all tastes and types to put that extra bounce in your step. We strive to impart the energy and optimism that you need to conquer your day, your week, your month, and your future!   With continued patronage at Future You Café, you will be thanking your past self in no time.

Ready? Future You is waiting, one delicious sip at a time.



Here at Future You Café we believe in creating a better future you, through positive vibes, healthier choices and supporting those in our community. With these ideals in mind we have cultivated relationships with local vendors and small business owners when deciding what to carry in the cafe. Things we looked for when picking suppliers were the following:

Is it a local product?

We chose to bring in local products when we could, with also keeping quality in mind. This is why you might not recognize some of the brands in our cafe, but rest assured we have tried them all and fell in love. 

Does the passion behind the product match ours? 

When we would meet with a potential vendor, the first question we asked ourselves is how passionate are they? You can taste and see the difference when a product is made with love. This principle led us to bring some brands that might not be from New York, such as J’enwey Teas, but the passion was undeniable. 

Is it healthy and taste good? 

Let’s be honest, there are some super healthy foods on the market these days that just don’t taste all that great. Here at Future You we wanted to make it easy to make healthier choices, without sacrificing taste.

With these three questions we were able to source some of the finest treats on the market to share with you.

Here is a sample of the different companies we are proud to be working with:

Counter Culture Coffee

Based in Durham, NC this coffee company infuses passion into every bean. Each bag sold is sewn shut by hand. With a training lab in SoHo, this company is also helping NYC explore coffees from around the world.

Battenkill Valley Creamery

From upstate New York, this family run dairy farm serves the highest quality milk.


Based in New York, Chalait brings us amazing matcha, straight from Japan. Named after Tea in Japanese and Milk in French, this whimsical company brings an elegance to the simple matcha.

Dona Chai Company

Based in Brooklyn,NY. Dona Chai takes those extra little steps that make a huge difference, from grinding all their spices fresh, to beautiful amber glass bottles reminiscent of old school apothecary bottles. With an unadulterated passion for quality we knew Dona Chai was exactly what we were looking for.

Hernan Chocolate

Working with artisans and small producers in Mexico, Hernan supplies the chocolate in our Mexican hot chocolate. The cacao is stone ground, then mixed with a little sugar and a hint of cinnamon for a true Mexican flavor

Pilot Kombucha

Based in Brooklyn,NY, Alex from Pilot pours her heart and soul into her company which is expressed in her delicious and healthy kombucha.

Another thing we are very passionate about here at Future You is authenticity. With a subtle nod to Mexico in our decor, drink offerings and snacks, a number of our ingredients are sourced directly from Mexico. The chocolate for our Mayan Hot Chocolate is imported from Mexico, as are the vanilla beans we use to create our vanilla syrup and vanilla sugar. 


117 East 7th Street

New York, NY 10009


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Sat - Sun: 8am - 7pm



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